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    11 December 2023

    Aleksander Ceferin: David Gill Objects to Proposal for Uefa President’s Extended Tenure Until 2031

    The Battle for Power: Opposition to Uefa President’s Long-Term Reign

    In a surprising turn of events, former Manchester United chief executive David Gill has emerged as the leading force against plans for Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin to extend his reign until 2031. Ceferin, who took over from Michel Platini in 2016, is currently set to step down in 2027. However, Gill and other critics are determined to maintain this timeline.

    An intriguing aspect of Ceferin’s presidency is the three-term limit he implemented for all executive appointments. This rule was intended to introduce fresh leadership every few years. Nevertheless, supporters of the Slovenian president have proposed an amendment that would exclude his initial appointment before 2017 from counting towards these three terms.

    If this controversial proposal gains traction and is approved at Uefa’s congress on February 8th in Paris, it could mean that Ceferin can run for re-election in 2027 after completing his second term unopposed earlier this year.

    During an executive committee meeting held last week, Gill vehemently opposed the plan and argued its undemocratic nature. Others present also expressed their dissenting views but whether Ceferin possesses enough widespread support remains uncertain despite his strong backing in Eastern Europe.

    To amend relevant statutes within Uefa’s framework requires a two-thirds majority vote from the organization’s 55 members during the congress next month.

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