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    27 February 2024

    Alpine eliminates possibility of F1 testing for Mick Schumacher

    Schumacher Joins Alpine for Racing Endeavors

    Exciting news in the world of motorsports as Schumacher has made a significant move by joining Alpine to compete with their A424 Hypercar this season. After spending time on the sidelines as Mercedes F1 reserve, he is eager to make his mark in top-line competition once again.

    While maintaining his reserve duties at Mercedes, there have been speculations about Schumacher possibly getting behind the wheel of an Alpine grand prix car. However, team principal Bruno Famin has put those talks to rest by confirming that Schumacher’s contract solely focuses on sportscar racing.

    Regarding any potential testing opportunities in current or previous F1 cars, Famin stated firmly: “No, we cannot.” The team plans to utilize reserve driver Jack Doohan for such activities while emphasizing that Schumacher’s commitment lies exclusively with endurance racing.

    The Road Ahead

    Schumacher remains determined to return to Formula 1 and his association with Alpine could pave the way for future opportunities within the team if circumstances align. As per Famin’s insights into their 2025 lineup decision-making process, there are several possibilities being considered.

    Famin expressed contentment with Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly but acknowledged that uncertainties lie ahead regarding driver movements in the upcoming seasons. Despite ongoing speculation around potential driver changes, he assured that no immediate decisions need to be rushed regarding their lineup choices.

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