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    01 February 2024

    Andretti expresses strong disagreement with Formula 1’s statement regarding denied entry

    The Future of Andretti’s F1 Venture Hangs in the Balance

    In a surprising turn of events, Andretti Autosport’s bid to enter the Formula 1 (F1) world championship has been rejected. The renowned American motorsports organization had high hopes for its ambitious project, but it seems that their dreams have hit a roadblock.

    Backed by General Motors (GM), Andretti was poised to join F1 as early as 2025. Initially planning to use a Renault engine before transitioning to a Cadillac unit in 2028, they were ready to make their mark in the prestigious competition.

    The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) approved Andretti’s bid on October 2nd. However, there was still one crucial hurdle left – scrutiny from the F1 organization and CEO Stefano Domenicali.

    On Wednesday, F1 released a detailed explanation outlining why they decided against accepting Andretti into the championship. Their main concern appeared to be doubts about the team’s potential competitiveness on track.

    Finding fault with their application, F1 concluded that “the applicant’s application… should not be successful.” A heavy blow for Andretti indeed.


    A Glimmer of Hope for Future Participation

    All hope is not lost for Andretti though. While their immediate plans have been thwarted, F1 has left the door slightly ajar for them to try again in 2028 when they have their Cadillac power unit ready.

    F1 expressed that they would be more receptive to an application from Andretti with a GM power unit. This could take the form of either a works team or a customer team designing all allowable components in-house.

    In response to F1’s announcement, Andretti Cadillac issued a short statement refuting the notion that they wouldn’t be competitive. They maintained that both organizations are committed to representing America on the F1 stage alongside some of the best teams in the world.

    Andretti Cadillac acknowledged and thanked their loyal fans who have shown unwavering support throughout this challenging period. They also emphasized their continued dedication and progress towards developing a highly competitive car and power unit, backed by an experienced team.

    Mario Andretti Devastated But Determined

    The disappointment felt by Mario Andretti, patriarch of the racing dynasty, was palpable. Expressing his devastation over social media earlier today, he struggled to find words other than devastated.

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