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    31 January 2024

    Andretti’s F1 Entry Rejected, Potential Opportunity in 2028

    Andretti Denied Spot on F1 Grid: A Controversial Decision

    In a surprising turn of events, Andretti Motorsport has been denied a spot on the Formula One (F1) grid for the next few years. The decision was made by Formula One Management (FOM), leaving fans and experts perplexed about the reasons behind this controversial move.

    The Technical Capabilities Questioned

    Last October, after an expression of interest request from prospective entrants, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) expressed satisfaction with Andretti’s technical capabilities to justify an entry into F1. However, according to a lengthy statement issued by FOM, there were concerns that Andretti may not have met certain criteria that would make them worthy contenders for a long-term position.

    Although FOM acknowledged that there could be potential for Andretti to secure the 11th slot from 2028 onwards, it became evident that they needed to prove themselves further before being granted such an opportunity.

    A Commercial Deal Stands in Their Way

    Besides technical aspects, another hurdle faced by Andretti was securing a commercial deal with Liberty Media – owner of Formula One Group. This condition had been laid down in the Concorde Agreement – a set of regulations governing new team entries in F1. Without this deal, Andretti would not be allowed to compete.

    However, the negotiations for a commercial agreement proved to be incredibly challenging. Formula One had made it clear that they were hesitant about expanding the grid unless tangible benefits could be demonstrated by a new entrant. Consequently, Andretti faced an uphill battle to convince F1’s owner of their potential value and contribution.

    The Decision-Making Process

    F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali shed some light on the decision-making process last summer. He emphasized the importance of making decisions that are beneficial for business sustainability and growth.”As we always said, we need to make sure that the decision is right for the business,” he stated during an interview. This responsibility lies with both FIA and Formula One Group as stakeholders.

    After months of extensive deliberation involving key stakeholders within F1, it has been concluded that opening up a spot on the grid to Andretti may not align with their vision or provide substantial advantages at this time.


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