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    07 June 2023

    Boxer Caroline Dubois prepared to take on champions Katie Taylor and Mikaela Mayer, according to promoter Ben Shalom

    Caroline Dubois: The Phenomenon

    In the world of boxing, there are few prospects as ambitious and fast-rising as Caroline Dubois. Promoter Ben Shalom believes that she is ready to take on some of the biggest names in the sport.

    On June 16th at London’s York Hall, Dubois will fight Yanina del Carmen Lescano, who is ranked No. 2 by the WBC. Although still young and early in her professional career, Dubois aims to become a mandatory challenger for one of the major belts.

    The BOXXER promoter thinks that taking on Lescano next demonstrates where she’s headed. “She’s a phenomenon,” says Shalom. He believes that this fight is an opportunity for Caroline to make statements early in her career.

    Dubious’ Potential

    Despite her youth, Shalom feels confident that Caroline has what it takes to compete at the highest level – even against Katie Taylor herself. “For me Caroline Dubois is ready for Katie Taylor this year,” he said confidently. Shalom points out that although Taylor recently lost to Chantelle Cameron (up at super-lightweight), she remains undisputed champion at 135lbs.

    A Unique Talent

    “Dubious” is a special talent and someone who turned over so young,” remarks Shalom with pride. At only twenty-two years old, Caroline shows frightening potential both physically and mentally. He goes on further: “You look at other fighters and what they’ve achieved in their thirties but this someone showing longevity like no other.” At such a young age with real hunger for success combined with physical ability means great things could come from Caroline throughout her fifteen-year career.

    The Future

    Shalom sees a bright future for Caroline, with the potential to sell out arenas like Savannah Marshall. “That’s what women’s boxing needs,” he adds. Dubois has her sights set on several major names in the sport including Mikaela Mayer and Katie Taylor. With such a strong mentality, Shalom believes that Dubious is capable of beating anyone at any time – it just takes taking the right fights.

    With so much talent and potential already demonstrated by Caroline, there is no doubt that she will continue to make waves in the world of boxing as one of its most exciting prospects.

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