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    17 June 2023

    “Boxer Frazer Clarke Challenges Fabio Wardley: Let’s Step in the Ring!”

    Frazer Clarke Urges Fabio Wardley To Fight Him

    In a recent boxing match, Frazer Clarke went the distance against veteran Polish heavyweight Mariusz Wach. It was his first 10-rounder and he won every round while doing so, shutting Wach out 100-90.

    A Message to Wardley

    After the fight, Frazer broadcasted a message to British heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley stating “Come on, come fight me, let’s do it!” Despite only having six professional fights under his belt before being mandated for a shot at the British title fight against Wardley earlier this year. Under advice from his team however, Clarke withdrew from the purse bids for the title fight to gain more professional experience first.

    Criticism has been directed towards him by some quarters including current champion Fabio Wardley himself for electing to take this step-up before leaping straight into a championship contest. But as much as he wanted and still wants to challenge him in the ring, he believes that waiting and gaining more experience and rounds in beforehand has been vindicated.

    The Mission Accomplished For Clarke according to Shalom

    Clarke’s promoter Ben Shalom is now looking forward to making that British heavyweight title bout with fellow countryman -Fabio wardely happen after an offer had already been made with them. According to him Frazer’s latest victory over Mariusz Wach was “mission accomplished” since it provided invaluable experience which can’t be bought or gotten elsewhere.

    Overall, Frazer Clarke’s message to Fabio Wardley is clear. He wants the fight and believes it’s a match that has a lot of demand from boxing fans across the country.

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