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    08 June 2023

    Bryson DeChambeau expresses sympathy for PGA Tour players who didn’t join LIV Golf after unexpected partnership announcement.

    Bryson DeChambeau “Feels Bad” for PGA Tour Players Over LIV Golf Partnership

    Golfer Bryson DeChambeau expressed his sympathy towards the players who did not take the risk of joining the breakaway LIV Golf series. The partnership between the Saudi-backed LIV Golf, DP World Tour, and PGA tour was announced by the latter on Tuesday.

    End to Years of Legal Friction Between Tours

    The partnership is expected to end years of public and legal friction between various tours. This conflict made its way into mainstream media as many top golfers refused to join breakaway tournaments such as Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. In contrast, eight-time winner Bryson DeChambeau’s decision to participate in June 2022 was a huge coup for LIV golf.

    Largest Prize Money Offered By Breakaway Series So Far

    Liv golf pledged an enormous $250 million total prize money with $20 million guaranteed to be split among individual players across each one of the first seven events. However, several big names in golf turned down this offer because they preferred staying put in their current positions.

    “Decent Information” Convinced Me To Join: Bryson

    Talking about his switch from PGA tour towards Liv golf during an interview, Bryson said that “decent information” offered convinced him and other players like him to make a switch.

    Players Should Be Valued Equally

    Although Bryson is happy with his decision to join Liv golf, he expressed regret for the PGA tour players who were told one thing and received something else. He believes that they should be valued in the same way as the Liv golf players and hopes that they will eventually find a way to succeed on their own.

    The Negative Reaction To LIV Golf’s Funding

    The source of LIV golf funding was also criticized as it came from Saudi Arabia’s PIF. Several human rights groups have been critical of this country for years due to its poor human rights record. The PIF- which is chaired by Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia – has drawn particular condemnation for executing people convicted when they were minors at the time of offenses committed.

    Bryson DeChambeau On Watching Best Players Play Against Each Other

    Despite all criticism surrounding Liv Golf series, it seems like things are finally settling down between different tours with an announcement made about partnership being formed between them. In Bryson DeChambeau’s view, watching best players play against each other would be great entertainment not only for fans but also those involved in playing themselves.

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