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    15 November 2023

    Carlos Sainz emerges victorious in first-ever Netflix Cup – and promptly shatters records

    Ferrari Star Carlos Sainz Loses Grip on Netflix Cup in Devastating Mishap

    In a surprising turn of events, Formula One driver Carlos Sainz found himself at the center of an unfortunate mishap during the highly anticipated “Netflix Cup” tournament. Partnered with two-time PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas, the duo emerged victorious in the streaming service’s first-ever live sporting event held at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas.

    Sainz and Thomas outperformed three other powerful duos consisting of PGA Tour and F1 drivers to secure their place on the winner’s podium. The final battle came down to a closest-to-the-pin challenge on the last hole against Alpine driver Pierre Gasly and Tony Finau, who stepped in for an injured Collin Morikawa.

    Dressed in black-and-white checkered flag-themed suits, reminiscent of racing glory, Sainz clutched a bottle of champagne while engaged in conversation with his American counterpart. Unexpectedly, disaster struck as he lost his grip on the coveted trophy which tragically shattered into pieces upon impact with the ground.

    Astounded by what had just transpired, Sainz could only watch helplessly as Finau playfully gathered up the fragmented remnants from beneath his feet. It was undoubtedly a moment fraught with surprise and dismay for everyone involved.

    Blending Two Worlds: A Unique Sporting Docuseries Fusion

    The “Netflix Cup” brought together two flagship sporting docuseries – “Drive to Survive” featuring Sainz, Gasly, McLaren’s Lando Norris, and Alex Albon, and “Full Swing” represented by the American quartet Thomas, Finau, Rickie Fowler, and Max Homa.

    Embracing the spirit of entertainment and sport further was the choice of hosts. PGA Tour star Joel Dahmen took on hosting duties alongside comedian Bert Kreischer, acclaimed sportscaster Kay Adams, and Super Bowl-winning former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch.

    A Celebration of Camaraderie: Fun Takes Center Stage

    Prior to the event’s commencement, Thomas expressed his understanding of the unique challenge presented by athletes stepping outside their respective fields. He recognized that while professional golfers might struggle with driving race cars like F1 drivers do or playing other sports at an elite level; these world-class athletes would excel in their own domains. The tournament aimed to provide a fun-filled experience for all participants.

    Racing Meets Golf: Unconventional Challenges Awaited

    The “Netflix Cup” incorporated elements from both racing and golf into its matchups held ahead of the inaugural Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix. Teams competed to complete each hole as quickly as possible without focusing on traditional stroke counts. Golf carts were utilized as vehicles to navigate designated fairway “race tracks” in order to reach players’ balls more efficiently.

    Adding another layer of intrigue was Hole Five which featured an homage to Netflix’s popular series “Squid Game.” Drawing inspiration from one particular deadly game portrayed in the show called “Red Light, Green Light,” players had to time their shots precisely when a massive animatronic doll turned away – failure resulted in penalties. A thrilling $4.56 million dollar charity donation promised by PGA Tour awaited any player who managed a miraculous hole-in-one, though such a feat proved elusive during the event.

    Throughout the competition, the Las Vegas $2.3 billion Sphere venue – located at the heart of the Grand Prix track – showcased an illuminated image of the iconic “Squid Game” doll to captivate spectators and participants alike.

    An Unforgettable Spectacle: F1 Grand Prix Set to Make History

    The upcoming F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas is anticipated to be a momentous occasion with over 100,000 attendees expected. This monumental event has been touted as one of the largest special gatherings in the history of Las Vegas. Despite Red Bull’s Max Verstappen already securing his third consecutive driver’s championship at October’s Qatar Grand Prix, ticket prices have remained affordable following this unexpected outcome.

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