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    17 June 2023

    Caroline Dubois: Unveiling the Real Me Behind the Mask, an Inside Look on her Aggressive Personality in and out of the Ring

    Unleashing the Fire Within: Caroline Dubois Prepares for Yanina Lescano

    In the world of boxing, it’s not just about physical strength but also mental toughness. For Caroline Dubois, her aggression and fiery personality come to life when she steps into the ring.

    Dubois has been on a roll with five consecutive stoppage wins, even while fighting in two-minute rounds. Her upcoming fight against Argentina’s Yanina Lescano is set to be another opportunity for her to showcase her skills.

    The Inner Flame

    A soft-spoken individual outside of the ring, Dubois admits that her aggression comes from within. “I’m a fiery kid, I’ve got a fiery personality,” she tells Sky Sports. “I don’t show it a lot but it’s in me.”

    But once inside the ropes, Dubois unleashes that inner flame and becomes who she truly is as a fighter. “I can flick that switch and it comes out,” she says.

    The Mask Comes Off

    “Outside [the ring] feels like I’m putting on mask and fake smiles,” Dubois reveals. “But when I’m in the ring I can be myself. I can be as aggressive, mean or nasty as I want.” She sees herself as an aggressive person by nature and believes boxing allows her to express this side of herself freely.

    A Significant Challenge Ahead

    While Yanina Lescano may not be someone most casual fans are familiar with, she presents a significant challenge for Dubois given her ranking among the top boxers in the world. Lescano is ranked No. 2 with WBC, No. 3 with IBF and No. 6 for both WBO and WBA.

    The Argentine has only lost twice, most recently to Estelle Mossely – the Olympic gold medallist from France in a ten-round split decision defeat.

    “I Want to Beat Her Up”

    Dubois admits that she wants to make a statement against Lescano by beating her up: “I want to bust her up… I need that to happen.” However, she also acknowledges that this will be a challenging fight for her:

    “Beating Yanina would mean going through someone who’s very experienced; someone who’s been at world level and hasn’t been stopped yet.”

    Making Moves

    For Dubois, beating Lescano would not only be satisfying but also bring her one step closer towards fighting some of the best boxers in business such as Mikaela Mayer or Chantelle Cameron.

    “If I keep marching forward at the pace that I’m going and keep showing I’m above the levels that I’m fighting at so far,” Dubois says confidently, “the public will start demanding it [fights against these elite fighters].”

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