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    07 July 2023

    Celtics execute sign-and-trade deal involving Grant Williams, sending him to Mavericks in three-team transaction

    Boston Celtics Finalize Intriguing Three-Team Sign-and-Trade Agreement

    Reports have emerged revealing that the Boston Celtics are currently in the process of finalizing a fascinating three-team sign-and-trade deal. The move will see promising restricted free agent Grant Williams departing for the Dallas Mavericks, according to reputable sources.

    Famous NBA insider Shams Charania of The Athletic broke the news, indicating that the trade involves not only the Mavericks and Celtic but also includes participation from the San Antonio Spurs. This multi-faceted agreement is shaping up to be quite intriguing.

    As per reliable sources, here’s how this convoluted trade operates: The Mavs acquire Grant Williams, while Reggie Bullock joins forces with the Spurs along with an unprotected pick swap in 2030 courtesy of Dallas. In return, Boston secures multiple second-round picks as part of their compensation package.

    The renowned basketball commentator Adrian Wojnarowski further confirms that within this transaction, a pick swap and two additional second-round picks are destined for Boston. Meanwhile, Dallas lands talented forward Grant Williams while San Antonio adds sharpshooter Reggie Bullock to its roster – all players on recognizable teams making notable moves.

    Intriguingly enough, reports suggest that San Antonio will gain an opportunity to participate in a first-round pick swap with Dallas come 2030 – certainly something worth keeping an eye on down the road!

    Mavericks Secure Grant William’s Signature on Four-Year Contract Worth $54 Million

    The highly sought-after player at hand – Grant Williams – is set to embark upon his new journey donning a Mavericks jersey after agreeing to terms on a lucrative four-year, $54 million contract. This deal equates to an impressive average annual value of $13.5 million for the young talent.

    It is worth noting that as part of this trade arrangement, the Celtics will obtain a Traded Player Exception (TPE) valued at half of Williams’ newly acquired deal according to basketball financial analyst Keith Smith from Spotrac.

    Boston Celtics Content with Three Second-Round Picks in Sign-and-Trade Negotiations

    Prior information suggested that Boston was initially aiming for a first-round pick in their sign-and-trade discussions involving Grant Williams. However, recent reports indicate that they have settled on acquiring three second-round picks instead – an intriguing course of action indeed!

    The Athletic’s Jared Weiss additionally reported that it is highly likely Boston would match any offer sheet utilizing the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception (MLE) amounting to $12.4 million, but alas, Williams’ new contract surpasses this figure.

    Interestingly enough, Weiss also predicted that Grant Williams’ free agency proceedings were likely to be the initial domino effect for the Celtics organization during this offseason. With his signing now complete and official updates regarding Jaylen Brown’s anticipated contract extension expected soon – it seems we are about to witness further enthralling developments within the Boston ranks.

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