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    09 December 2023

    Chris Evert, the legendary 18-time Grand Slam singles champion, reveals the recurrence of her battle with cancer

    Tennis Legend Chris Evert Announces Cancer Return

    In a surprising turn of events, tennis legend Chris Evert has revealed that her battle with cancer is not over. Two years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the 68-year-old American shared the news that her cancer has returned. This comes as a shock to many, considering Evert had previously announced she was “cancer-free” in January 2023.

    Evert first received her diagnosis in December 2021 following a preventative hysterectomy. Despite the setback, she remains optimistic and expressed gratitude for catching it early this time around. She released an official statement through ESPNexternal-link, where she works as a pundit.

    Due to her ongoing treatment, Evert will unfortunately be unable to attend the upcoming Australian Open scheduled to begin on January 14th. However, she reassured fans that she would be ready for the rest of the Grand Slam season.

    The esteemed tennis player’s rival and friend Martina Navratilova praised Evert for supporting her during her own battles with throat and breast cancer back in 2022. Their bond strengthened through shared experiences of fighting against this devastating disease.

    Despite facing setbacks throughout her life due to health issues within her family—Evert’s sister Jeanne lost their battle with ovarian cancer in 2020—she encourages everyone to be aware of their family history and take charge of their health by advocating for themselves proactively.

    Chris Evert’s career boasts an impressive record—an astonishing eighteen Grand Slam singles titles under her belt. With seven French Open singles titles (a women’s record), six US Open titles (tied for the most), three Wimbledon titles, and two Australian Open titles, her influence on women’s tennis cannot be understated. Evert retired from professional play in 1989 and has since become a respected pundit in the world of tennis.

    As she embarks on another challenging journey to overcome cancer once again, Chris Evert sends a poignant message this holiday season—early detection saves lives. She urges everyone to cherish their health and remain grateful during these trying times.

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