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    13 June 2023

    Controversy Clouds Upcoming International Sporting Event in Paris

    Paris 2024 Olympics: Are Tickets Really Inclusive?

    The world’s largest sporting event is set to return to Paris next summer, a century after the last time it graced the city. However, while organizers and the French government claim that these games will be more inclusive than ever before, many people are concerned about accessibility.

    Crazy Ticket Prices

    Accessibility is a major concern for disabled individuals who worry about navigating Paris’ aging transport infrastructure. Financially speaking, ticket prices have also been a point of contention. The available tickets were so expensive that even Flavien Lallemand, a young developer from Paris, decided not to purchase them. “It’s being done in our city,” he said on CNN interview. “We’ll be impacted but we won’t have the positive sides.”

    In fact, many French people took their frustrations to social media to protest against the steep cost of Olympic tickets which they claimed was beyond average budgets.

    An Embarrassing Distraction For Organizers

    This has become an embarrassing distraction for Paris 2024 Games organizers who had earlier promised greater inclusivity at this year’s event.

    “Paris 2024 will be the first Games to focus on solidarity and inclusivity”

    However, despite initial efforts by organizers to make some tickets affordable with prices starting as low as €24 ($26), these options were limited in number and often only applicable for tournaments such as basketball or soccer held outside of Paris itself.The lottery system implemented by organizers further made it difficult for sports fans hoping to watch just one sport since they would have to triple their budget to purchase tickets for three events minimum.

    Outrageous Ticket Prices

    The ticket prices for some of the main games were outrageous. European medalist and former Olympic gymnast Marine Debauve expressed her disgust at having to pay €690 (~$742) just to attend a gymnastics final event. It may be easier to participate in the Olympics than see it as a spectator in my country,” she said on Facebook, echoing the sentiments of current athletes who could not secure tickets for their families.

    “The price makes me sick”

    One French 5,000-meter runner, Jimmy Gressier also took his frustrations online stating that inviting ten relatives would cost between €6,000-€7,000 (~$6,400-$7,500).

    A Sorry State Of Affairs

    This is definitely a sorry state of affairs particularly since Paris 2024 Games Chief Tony Estanguet admitted there was much more demand than supply regarding available tickets.

    “We know there’s much more demand than supply”

    While organizers are still promising greater inclusivity at this year’s event; it remains unclear if they will make any efforts towards reducing ticket prices or making them accessible for everyone regardless of their financial status or disability.

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