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    03 November 2023

    Copa Libertadores: Conmebol urges fans to promote a peaceful and inclusive atmosphere during final match

    South American Football Confederation Condemns Violence and Racism in Copa Libertadores Final



    The South American football confederation, known as Conmebol, has expressed its strong condemnation of any acts of violence and racism surrounding the upcoming Copa Libertadores final. The incident occurred prior to a match between Brazil’s Fluminense and Argentina’s Boca Juniors – two prominent teams participating in South America’s equivalent of Europe’s Champions League final – where three individuals were arrested in Rio de Janeiro.

    The Clash at Copacabana Beach Fan Fest

    According to local police reports, two Argentine men along with one Brazilian citizen were detained following a clash that took place at a Copacabana beach fan fest. With tensions running high between passionate fans from both sides, this unfortunate event has raised concerns within the football community just ahead of Saturday’s highly anticipated final.

    Conmebol Calls for Peaceful Celebration

    In response to this incident, Conmebol issued a statement calling upon supporters of Boca Juniors and Fluminense to come together and share moments of joy and celebration that epitomize the beautiful game they all love. Emphasizing the importance of peaceful behavior inspired by their shared passion for football, Conmebol firmly repudiates any form of violence or racism occurring within the context of this crucial final showdown.

    Copa Libertadores History & Ambitions

    This year marks an opportunity for Fluminense to make history by winning the prestigious Copa Libertadores for the very first time. Playing on their home ground at the iconic Maracana Stadium, they seek to etch their name alongside previous champions who have lifted this coveted trophy.

    On the other hand, Boca Juniors, a club with rich footballing heritage and experience in this competition, has already claimed victory in the Copa Libertadores on six occasions. As fans eagerly anticipate Saturday’s match, both teams will undoubtedly give their all as they vie for ultimate glory.

    The Bigger Picture

    Conmebol’s strong stand against violence and racism sends a powerful message about ensuring fair play and respect within football. It serves as a reminder that behind the excitement of matches lies an opportunity to embrace unity and demonstrate positive values that sport can inspire.


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