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    16 November 2023

    CS2 mentor requests to be excluded from Game Awards following absurd nomination

    The Game Awards: A Perplexing Nomination for Best Esports Coach of 2023

    The Game Awards have long been considered the pinnacle event for the gaming and esports community. However, their recent blunders have raised eyebrows and left many questioning their credibility.

    One particular nomination has caused quite a stir. Rémy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam, a French Counter-Strike 2 coach with only two months of experience in 2023 and zero trophies to his name, found himself among the nominees for Best Esports Coach. The absurdity of this selection led XTQZZZ himself to plead with The Game Awards to remove him from the list, as he rightfully stated that he wasn’t even a coach this year.

    His plea highlights just how out of touch The Game Awards panel may be. Some members of the community have theorized that it was simply a case of googling which team won the CS:GO Major in 2023 and nominating their coach without proper consideration. It’s worth noting that XTQZZZ currently coaches Vitality but did not lead them to victory at the Paris Major; that honor belongs to Danny “zonic” Sørensen, who is coincidentally also nominated for Best Esports Coach.

    This raises even more confusion regarding The Game Awards’ selection process. It almost seems as if names were picked randomly out of a hat rather than based on merit or achievement within the industry.

    Best Esports Coach Category: Lackluster Selections?

    The other three nominees in this category are Christine “Potter” Chi from Evil Geniuses, Jordan “Gunba” Graham from Florida Mayhem, and Yoon “Homme” Sung-Young from JD Gaming. While these coaches have undoubtedly made contributions to their respective teams, the inclusion of XTQZZZ and the omission of other deserving candidates has left many scratching their heads.

    It is intriguing that CS2 is the only game with two nominees in this category at The Game Awards. However, even XTQZZZ recognizes that it should not be the case, especially considering his lack of experience and success compared to other potential contenders.

    Awaited Decision: Will The Game Awards Address The Controversy?

    The upcoming Game Awards show on Thursday, December 7th will reveal if The Game Awards organizers acknowledge XTQZZZ’s demand to be removed from the shortlist. Fans and industry professionals eagerly await a resolution for this bewildering situation.

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