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    23 May 2023

    Denver Nuggets Make History with Their First NBA Finals Appearance

    The Incredible Comeback of Denver Nuggets Against Los Angeles Lakers

    If you thought that history was just a thing of the past, then you haven’t been paying attention to what is happening in basketball. The Denver Nuggets have made it to the NBA finals for the first time in their history! Nikola Jokic led an amazing second-half fightback against Los Angeles Lakers, who were swept away by a determined and never-say-die attitude from their opponents.

    The game saw an incredible turnaround as Jokic’s 30 points helped his team overturn a 15-point deficit at half-time to win the Western Conference championship in dramatic fashion and complete a historic sweep over their rivals. The victory secured their spot among some of basketball’s elite teams, where they will face either Miami Heat or Boston Celtics on June 1st -18th.

    Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics: Who Will Be Next?

    Awareness is growing about this year’s Eastern Conference race as well. Many are anticipating whether Miami or Boston will be able to outdo one another this season; however, after securing three wins in a row, Miami Heat is currently the team to beat. A win against Boston Celtics in game four on Tuesday (01:30 BST Wednesday) would cement their place in the NBA finals.

    Jokic’s Resurgence and James’ Disappointment

    While LeBron James had initially looked like he was keeping his team’s season alive with an incredible 31 points that left Lakers ahead at half-time, it wasn’t enough to stop Denver from making history. Jokic led the resurgence of his team’s offense during the third quarter by scoring 13 points and helping them outscore Lakers by 36-16.

    It was a dramatic fourth-quarter finale as Jokic put Denver two points ahead with a driving layup through heavy traffic with just under one minute remaining. In what could have been an opportunity for Los Angeles Lakers to tie the match and force overtime, James attempted a driving floater that was subsequently blocked by Aaron Gordon of Denver Nuggets resulting in celebratory scenes amongst their fans.

    Denver Nuggets: More Than Just One Man

    The line between victory and defeat can sometimes be thin; however, for this historic team representing Colorado State It all came down to teamwork! Nikola Jokic remarked after this legendary win:

    “We don’t give up,” … “I’ve been saying this for five years – when we were bad or when we were good – we don’t give up. They jumped on us first half… But in the second half we turned the page and everybody stepped up.”

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