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    04 February 2024

    Discovering the Swiftest and Sluggish Turns on the Formula 1 Schedule

    The Thrills and Challenges of F1’s Iconic Corners in 2023

    As the 2023 F1 season revs up, fans are eagerly anticipating the heart-pounding action that awaits at some of the most iconic corners on the calendar. From hairpins to chicanes, each track brings its own unique layout and challenges for drivers and spectators alike.

    The Legendary Loews Hairpin: Deceleration at Its Finest

    Unsurprisingly, one corner stands out as the slowest on any F1 track – the legendary Loews Hairpin on Monaco’s Circuit de Monaco. This iconic turn requires cars to dramatically decrease their speed, with some drivers even resorting to single-handed steering just to make it through. With an average speed around a mere 30mph (45kph), this corner demands utmost precision from every driver.

    Originally known as Station Hairpin due to its proximity to Monaco’s first railway station, this famous bend later took on different names tied to hotels in the area. The current name “Loews” was given in honor of a hotel built in 1975 near the corner, which has since changed ownership but retained its association with this historic turn.

    Nouvelle Chicane and Anthony Noghes: A Test of Skill & Strategy

    The Nouvelle Chicane at Turns 10 & 11 offers another thrilling challenge for both drivers and fans during races in Monaco. Following their exhilarating exit from a tunnel where they pass by yachts lining the waterfront, drivers must navigate this chicane swiftly yet carefully. It also serves as one of few spots for overtaking in the Monaco circuit, adding an element of strategic racing to the mix.

    Meanwhile, Anthony Noghes corner at Turn 18 marks the final curve before drivers hit full throttle towards the start/finish line. Previously known as Gazometre, it was redesigned in the 1970s and renamed after Anthony Noghes, the visionary founder of the Monaco Grand Prix. This section tests drivers’ nerves and skill as they approach top speeds while maintaining control.

    The Marina Bay Street Circuit’s Challenging Hairpin

    Singapore’s Marina Bay Street Circuit boasts its own slowest corner at Turn 13 – a hairpin that forces cars to crawl along at just 34mph (55kph). In a bid to increase overtaking opportunities during races, this corner underwent widening in 2015. The street circuit itself is renowned for its harborside location and frequent safety car appearances throughout its history.

    Miami International Autodrome: A Blend of Slow and Fast Corners

    The Miami International Autodrome adds more excitement with its unique blend of corners. One standout is Turn 17 – yet another hairpin where cars reach only a maximum speed of around 37mph (60kph). Here, skilled drivers expertly maneuver their vehicles using full steering lock to navigate this demanding bend.

    Miami stands alone on the F1 calendar with both one of the slowest and fastest recorded turns in 2023. Since making its Formula 1 debut in 2022 on a purpose-built temporary track near Hard Rock Stadium, Miami has quickly become an exhilarating addition to F1’s lineup.

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