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    27 May 2023

    Emma Lamb of England Claims Australia is Fallible and Not Invincible in Ashes 2023

    England’s Emma Lamb Says Australia Is Not Perfect

    All-rounder Emma Lamb believes that playing alongside Australian players in global leagues revealed to England the world champion’s imperfections. While they may seem unbeatable, they’re still human and can be challenged. She spoke about how she enjoyed playing with them but was thrilled to compete against them as well.

    The Ashes Series

    Australia is set to defend the Ashes title this summer, which they have held since 2015. They’ve won three of the past four series and are currently considered an incredible team who has achieved a lot in recent years. However, their winning streak doesn’t make them perfect.

    Team Preparations for The Ashes

    England has spent some time preparing for the upcoming series with a bonding trip at Lake Districts for three days. This activity aims to improve teamwork and build momentum towards success.

    Mindset Heading into The Competition

    Lamb said, “Australia might be favorites going into this tournament due to their previous performances but that does not mean we will back down from competition.”

    The Five-Day Test Format Challenge

    This year’s Women’s test match between England and Australia will take place over five days instead of four; increasing pressure on both sides by making it easier for one team tto open up a big lead during playtime.

    A Chance To Shine Schools Event At St Mary’s Primary In Burnley:

    It was great meeting up with young cricket enthusiasts learning more about Emily’s journey through difficulties while pursuing her passion. Through partnerships with Chance to Shine and the Lord’s Taverners, the England and Wales Cricket Board is investing more than £4m this year to take cricket to around 7,500 primary schools and 700,000 children. A targeted programme has been developed which will reach 55,000 children from under-served communities as well as those attending special educational needs disability schools.

    Overcoming Challenges

    Lamb said she had some bad experiences in her career of playing cricket. She was once denied the chance to play for a boy’s team at school because of stigma surrounding gender roles in sports.

    “It’s now definitely changed,” Lamb added; “My cousin goes to the same school I went to and plays on their boys’ team.”

    The Future of Women’s Cricket:

    With current developments such as The Hundred League being introduced soon for women players alongside men shows that there are still many opportunities for growth within women’s cricket.


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