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    30 May 2023

    England and Saracens’ Flanker, Vicky Fleetwood Announces Retirement

    England Rugby Union Legend Vicky Fleetwood Retires from the Game

    In a surprising move, England World Cup winner and Saracens flanker Vicky Fleetwood has retired from rugby union. The announcement came as a shock to fans of both club and country who were looking forward to seeing her play in future games.

    A Legendary Career that Spanned Across Many Years and Tournaments

    Fleetwood’s career in rugby spans over many years, during which she played for both her club and country with distinction. She made her debut for England back in 2011, after which she went on to win numerous accolades including the coveted World Cup trophy in 2014 with a total of 82 caps throughout her career.

    The veteran player also featured at the Women’s Rugby World Cup held in Ireland back in 2017 but missed out on playing at last year’s tournament due to an injury sustained since October. Despite this setback, many believed she still had plenty of game left under her belt.

    “Rugby Will Forever Hold A Place In My Heart”

    While announcing her retirement from the sport through social media platforms like Twitter recently, Fleetwood expressed gratitude towards all those who made it possible for her to represent both club and country.

    She spoke fondly about how much rugby has given to be thankful for saying “rugby will forever hold a place in my heart.” She added that despite not ending on a high note when everyone dreams of such moments,” I can proudly say I put everything into playing.”

    A Talented Hurdler Turned Rugby Player Set To Move Into Coaching

    Prior to taking up rugby professionally, Fleetwood was once considered one of Britain’s most talented junior hurdlers. Her love for sports eventually led her to take up rugby, where she has excelled over many years.

    With her retirement from the sport now official, Fleetwood is set to begin a new chapter in her life as she moves into coaching while still pursuing other interests outside of rugby union.

    A Final Word on Vicky’s Retirement

    Fans of both club and country have expressed their disappointment at the news of Fleewood’s retirement. Many feel that there is still more in store for this star player, who has been an inspiration to many young women across Britain and beyond.

    As we say goodbye to yet another great player in the world of rugby, it remains clear that Fleetwood’s impact will forever be felt within the game.

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