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    11 July 2023

    Exciting Update from Las Vegas: J.D. Davison Secures Short-Term Contract, Celtics Observe John Wall Training Session

    J.D. Davison Impresses in G-League, Earns Second Two-Way Contract

    In his debut season in the G-League, J.D. Davison showcased his skills and emerged as a promising player for the future. Despite being the 53rd overall pick in the 2022 draft, Davison’s contributions on both ends of the court were nothing short of impressive.

    Over the course of 44 games with Maine, Davison averaged 13.2 points and displayed excellent playmaking abilities with an average of 7.7 assists per game. His passing prowess was evident as he finished fourth in total assists league-wide, amassing an impressive count of 339 dimes according to Celtics PR.

    While his scoring touch may not have translated to Summer League success thus far, Davison has already amassed twenty assists across two games, reaffirming his reputation as a skilled facilitator amongst fellow prospects during this July showcase.

    Beyond his statistical accomplishments, it is noteworthy that Davison has showcased remarkable speed, athleticism, and a growing understanding of the professional game throughout this early stage in his career.

    The Boston Celtics organization recognized these qualities and rewarded him with a second two-way contract for next season—an indication of their belief in his potential development moving forward.

    A Potential Veteran Point Guard Target: John Wall?

    Rumors are swirling regarding the Boston Celtics’ interest in former Washington Wizards point guard John Wall—a player who spent most of his career calling D.C. home.

    Credible sources reveal that members from Boston’s front office attended Wall’s private workout session held recently in Las Vegas—signaling their intrigue towards potentially adding him to their roster.

    It is worth noting that Wall had been spotted sitting courtside alongside Celtic representatives during Game 4 against the Philadelphia 76ers back in May, further fueling speculation of a potential union.

    Adding to this interesting twist, newly appointed assistant coach Sam Cassell brings with him four seasons’ worth of experience coaching Wall during their time together in Washington—an additional connection that could potentially influence the Celtics’ decision-making process.

    The five-time All-Star and former number one pick last played for the Los Angeles Clippers. In his limited playing time across 34 games last season, Wall averaged 11.4 points and contributed 5.2 assists in just under 22 minutes per game.

    However, it is important to note that Wall was involved in a trade deal with the Houston Rockets earlier this year which ultimately led him to being waived by Houston—a move made for the second time within nine months.

    Celtics’ Potential Need for a Veteran Point Guard

    Considering Boston’s current guard rotation consisting of Derrick White, Malcolm Brogdon, and Payton Pritchard—with Dalano Banton recently added to the mix—head coach Joe Mazzulla may be looking to enhance his options by incorporating a seasoned point guard into their ranks.

    This strategic move would mirror how Celtics utilized Blake Griffin as an experienced backup big man last season. At just 32 years old, there remains hope that Wall still possesses valuable skills and can contribute effectively on both ends of the court if given an opportunity.

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