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    18 November 2023

    Explosive News: Recent CS2 Update Enables Players to Launch the Bomb Across the Entire Map

    CS2’s Latest Update: Unexpected Bomb Throwing Buff

    In a surprising turn of events, CS2’s recent major update on November 16 brought about more than just bug fixes and map adjustments. Unbeknownst to players, one aspect of the game received an unexpected buff – bomb throwing distance on the Terrorist side.

    Social media platforms were abuzz with videos showcasing the newfound throwing power of the bomb. Twitter user @OrelStealth demonstrated this enhanced range by launching it from Short A on Dust 2 all the way to the plant area on A bombsite, thanks to a well-timed bounce off a ledge.

    “`HTML C4 drops after latest @CounterStrike update is insane. I’m pretty sure throw distance was much shorter before. “` ![Bomb Throw](bomb_throw.gif) While we couldn’t replicate this precise toss during our testing, our extensive experiments did indicate that bomb throws now cover significantly greater distances post-update. Curiously enough, this particular change wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the patch notes for Novemver 16th release; however, it seems that adjustments made to weapon drop trajectories overall have inadvertently affected bomb throws as well. On Dust 2 specifically, this increased throwing range could potentially tilt gameplay dynamics in favor of Terrorists (T-side). Instead of risking dangerous chokepoints or time-consuming maneuvers to get close to planting sites, players can now simply lob bombs towards team members already positioned near objectives. In scenarios where the clock is ticking down, a well-executed bomb throw could mean the difference between successfully planting before time runs out or facing defeat. With dedicated practice and strategic focus, professional CS2 players may find themselves exploring new opportunities for inventive and advantageous bomb throws. This unexpected buff isn’t likely to revolutionize the game’s meta; however, it does introduce an intriguing element that could tip the scales in favor of T-side tactics in select situations. It also brings about an interesting conundrum for team coordination – now, more than ever, designated bomb carriers within a five-player stack might need to venture further away from their comrades to avoid being burdened with this crucial task.

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