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    16 December 2023

    Fans of the Miami Grand Prix are showing a greater acceptance towards the new F1 sprint format, according to Epp

    Miami Grand Prix Prepares for Third Race with Exciting Changes

    Tyler Epp, a former member of Chip Ganassi Racing and now in charge of the Miami Grand Prix, believes that evolving the event is crucial as it enters its third race in a 10-year agreement with F1. The introduction of sprint races in Miami and China from 2024 onwards will add a new dimension to the racing calendar.

    While Baku and Spa-Francorchamps will revert back to their standard formats, Austria, United States, Brazil, and Qatar GPs will continue with sprint weekends.

    Epp stated that Tom Garfinkel, managing partner of the race and CEO of the Miami Dolphins NFL team and Hard Rock Stadium, has emphasized the need for constant evolution. Their goal is to deliver exceptional racing experiences for fans while building a successful business. The partnership between Miami GP and F1 played an instrumental role in making these changes possible.

    Katharina Nowak, senior director business operations at Miami GP brokered the deal with F1. This collaboration allows them to differentiate their race by offering fans another way to experience Formula 1. While purists may have reservations about non-traditional formats like sprint races on Saturdays alongside regular races on Sundays, Epp believes that this provides an exciting opportunity for both existing fans looking for something different as well as attracting new enthusiasts who are more open-minded about innovative approaches.

    While the United States Grand Prix did not see a significant increase in ticket sales when it introduced sprint races, Epp is unconcerned as Miami GP has a different value proposition for racegoers. Their focus is on delivering an exceptional experience to every fan who attends, rather than chasing attendance numbers.

    Miami GP aims to provide meaningful track action across all three days of the grand prix. The proposed revamp for 2024 includes moving qualifying sessions back to Saturdays and having Friday designated for determining the grid order through a shootout format. It is essential that these sprints retain world championship points to ensure their legitimacy within the race weekend.

    Epp concludes by stating that they are committed to creating an exciting and enjoyable experience for all fans, whether they are longtime purists or new enthusiasts embracing the evolving nature of Formula 1.

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