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    26 February 2024

    Five promising young players from the England Under-23s to keep an eye on for the future of Lionesses squad

    The Promising Future of Lionesses: Young Stars on the Rise

    Exciting times lie ahead for the Lionesses as a new generation of talent emerges onto the international stage. From standout debuts to impressive performances, these young players are making their mark and aiming for a spot in the first team.

    Laura Blindkilde Brown: A Versatile Midfielder Making Waves

    Manchester City’s recent signing, Laura Blindkilde Brown, brings composure and experience to the pitch. Her ability to play in various positions makes her a valuable asset for the Lionesses, despite facing stiff competition at club level.

    Naomi Layzell: The Defensive Prodigy Catching Everyone’s Eye

    Bristol City’s 19-year-old centre-back has impressed with her defensive prowess and unwavering love for defending. With opportunities to train with senior teams, Layzell is set to soar higher in her career.

    Ella Morris and Hannah Silcock: Rising Stars Filling Crucial Positions

    Southampton’s Ella Morris shines at full-back, addressing England’s lack of depth in that position. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s highly-rated centre-back Hannah Silcock proves she is one to watch out for on the field.

    Aggie Beever-Jones: The Striker Poised for Euro 2025 Success

    Chelsea striker Aggie Beever-Jones stands out with her goal-scoring prowess and breakthrough season performance. Among tough competition within forward positions, she remains a strong contender for future success.

    Missy Bo Kearns: The Young Leader Driving Forward

    Liverpool midfielder Missy Bo Kearns showcases maturity beyond her years with significant playing time in WSL matches. As captain both at club and under-23s level, she sets high aspirations towards earning a spot in the senior squad.

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