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    12 June 2023

    Floyd Mayweather Jr’s recent exhibition match results in chaotic brawl after early stoppage by referee

    Floyd Mayweather Jr’s latest exhibition bout marred by brawl

    A supposed exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather Jr and John Gotti III turned into a chaotic scene when the fight was stopped early, leading to both fighters and their teams engaging in a mass brawl. The incident took place at Florida, where no judges were assigned to evaluate the fight scheduled for eight two-minute rounds.

    The Mismatch Fight

    The start of the game faced minor delays as members from Mayweather’s security team had to clear out people from his corner before he dominated Gotti III throughout the match. He toyed with his opponent throughout the duration of the game leaving him helpless against Mayweather’s speed and technical abilities. Referee Kenny Bayless warned both fighters mid-rounds for abusive language used during trash talking ahead of round six.

    Gotti III couldn’t handle much more than that because it was apparent he was no match against such an experienced boxer like Mayweather Junior. Round six saw rough tactics and more trash talk causing Bayless to wave off the fight, prompting Gotti III to charge at Floyd which started a full-blown battle.

    The fight ended in chaos, with personnel from both camps storming the ring and throwing punches amid a mass of bodies. Gotti III and Mayweather Junior were escorted out of the ring before further fighting broke out inside and outside the arena. Mayweather’s team pleaded with fans to leave without causing any more violence.

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