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    05 May 2023

    GRID Joins Forces with IO Esports and EPULZE for Dota 2 Bali Major Data Management

    GRID Announces Collaboration with IO Esports and EPULZE

    Esports data connoisseur, GRID, has divulged its alliance with tourney orchestrators IO Esports and EPULZE, pre-empting their forthcoming Dota 2 Major, a spectacle in Bali. GRID will render data assistance for the gala, encapsulating data dissemination and oversight. Additionally, the enterprise will proffer data-related safeguarding services and veracity supervision. The Bali Major, anticipated to occur from June 30th to July 9th, 2023, sets the stage for an electrifying event.

    IO Esports and EPULZE: The Duo Behind the Bali Major

    Malaysian esports impresario IO Esports, chosen by Valve, spearheads the Bali Major. In conjunction, EPULZE, a firm that has already crafted a Major earlier this year, collaborates with IO Esports. EPULZE and promotional syndicate EBN, in intimate cooperation with Valve, produce the SEA section of the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit. The Bali Major signifies the debut of a Dota 2 Major in Indonesia, an unprecedented landmark.

    GRID’s Expanding Role in Valve-Sponsored Tournaments

    Valve’s string of contests sees GRID’s ongoing involvement. While the data company has already acquired data rights for every DPC region, GRID is concurrently ensuring supplementary points of contact for each contest. Furthermore, GRID recently partnered with esports betting aficionado, offering regional DPC coordinators data, integrity monitoring solutions, and betting-centric initiatives. In another venture, GRID unveiled a VALORANT data portal in collaboration with Riot Games, a novel abode for the game’s data, allowing teams to access data from VALORANT Champions Tour matches and clandestine practice sessions.

    Charlie Hanley-Nickolls Celebrates GRID’s Partnership with IO Esports and EPULZE

    Extolling the partnership, GRID’s Chief Procurement Officer, Charlie Hanley-Nickolls, remarked, “Southeast Asia’s esports expansion has been astronomic in recent years, and witnessing a Dota Major in Bali is genuinely gratifying.” He continued, “IO’s remarkable achievements in the past few years are thrilling, and we eagerly anticipate their accomplishments with this event. We’re honored to broaden our alliance with Valve’s circuit and perpetuate our longstanding collaboration with IO.” With GRID’s collaboration with IO Esports and EPULZE, the upcoming Dota 2 Bali Major promises to be a phenomenal event. Don’t miss the action and make sure to check out the best sports betting rankings for this thrilling tournament.

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