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    02 November 2023

    Is this the most nerve-wracking shot in sports, just inches away from a 470-yard cliff?

    The Extreme 19th: Golfing on the Edge of a Mountain

    A helicopter ride, lions stalking prey, and a 430-meter drop – this is not your average golf experience. Welcome to the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo, South Africa.

    Where Nature Meets Golf

    Tucked away near Zimbabwe’s border lies the Legend Golf and Safari Resort, home to Africa’s “Big Five” animals and an abundance of wildlife. The resort boasts its flagship Signature Course with each hole designed by renowned golfers.

    However, what truly sets this course apart is “The Extreme 19th.” This unique bonus hole takes players high up Hanglip Mountain for an unforgettable par-three experience.

    A Hole Like No Other

    The brainchild of Legend Holdings CEO Peet Cilliers, The Extreme 19th is a mind-boggling hole that stretches over an astonishing distance of 361 meters. Its green resembles the outline of the African continent itself, making it not only challenging but also visually striking.

    Cilliers explains his vision for this extraordinary creation: “We wanted something that would be talked about—a place of extremes. We aimed to make golf more than just a boring sport; we aimed to create a wild experience.”


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