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    10 June 2023

    Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez Successfully Weigh In for Upcoming Super-Lightweight Bout in New York

    The Heated Build-Up to the Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Fight Continues as Both Boxers Make Weight

    In one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory, both Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez made weight ahead of their WBO super-lightweight clash at Madison Square Garden. The event promises to be a thrilling spectacle with both boxers putting up an impressive performance during the weigh-in.

    Josh Taylor Takes Aim at Teofimo Lopez During Weigh-In

    The trash talk between these two fighters has been heating up for weeks, and it was no different during the weigh-in. Dressed in a kilt, Josh referred to his opponent as “fat boy” before performing a throat-slit gesture while repeating “you’re finished.” The American boxer didn’t have much to say but kept staring directly at his opponent.

    This exchange is just part of what makes this fight so intriguing. Both boxers are coming into this clash with something to prove, and they seem determined not to back down from each other.

    Josh Taylor Ready for Redemption After Controversial Victory Over Jack Catterall

    Taylor knows that he wasn’t at his best when he last fought against Jack Catterall back in February 2022. However, he’s confident that he’ll be firing on all cylinders come Saturday night after preparing diligently for this bout.

    Teofimo Lopez Looking To Prove Himself Against King Of Division

    Teofimo Lopez is also coming into this fight with something to prove. He knows that he’s up against the king of the division and that Josh Taylor will be a tough opponent to beat. However, his victory over Vasyl Lomachenko in October 2020 shows that he has what it takes to win big fights.

    The weigh-in was just a taste of what’s to come during this highly anticipated event. Boxing fans around the world are eagerly waiting for Saturday night, where these two fighters will finally put their words aside and step into the ring.

    Don’t Miss Out on Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez

    This fight promises to be one of the most exciting events in recent boxing history, and you won’t want to miss out! Tune in live on Bewinner at 1 am ET/10 pm PT for all of the action as it unfolds at Madison Square Garden.

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