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    08 June 2023

    Josh Taylor cautious of potential espionage from Teofimo Lopez camp in lead up to super-lightweight championship bout: “We’re not taking any chances!”

    A Battle of Wits: Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez

    As the world anticipates the epic showdown between Scotland’s WBO super-lightweight champion, Josh Taylor and Brooklyn’s pride, Teofimo Lopez at Madison Square Garden in New York, tension is high. The stakes are even higher as both champions have a lot to prove.

    Taylor has made it clear that he will not tolerate any spying from his opponent or anyone else during his final training sessions. Cameras have been banned from his training base as he fears footage could be passed on to Lopez. He stated that “It’s one of those things where you trust no one… we just don’t trust anyone and don’t want to open the doors.”

    The two rivals have traded insults over the past few months with tempers flaring at times; this was evident when Taylor walked out of a joint interview with Lopez. However, despite all this animosity between them, Taylor remains focused on delivering a humiliating defeat on US soil.

    “I’m coming over here and I’m going to kick his backside and put his tail between his legs and send him home to think again,” said Taylor confidently.

    He added that they are only focusing on their tactics and not thinking about Teo at all. This shows how determined they are in producing a famous victory regardless of what their opponents do or say.

    Reflecting on their fiery verbal exchange, Taylor suggested that Lopez was revealing nervous energy which is why he talks ‘absolute waffle’ making no sense whatsoever.

    The Lion’s Den Awaits

    Taylor is coming into the lion’s den since it’s basically Lopez’s backyard but he remains unperturbed by this fact because winning against such odds would be so much sweeter. “We’re just focusing on ourselves,” he said.

    The stakes are high for both fighters as they prepare to battle it out in the ring with millions of people watching and cheering them on. It’s a test of wills, strength, and skill that only one can emerge victorious.


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