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    05 June 2023

    Joshua vs Fury: Potential Clash for WBC Heavyweight Title

    The Perils of Inactivity in the Heavyweight Division

    The world awaits with bated breath as Tyson Fury, the current WBC heavyweight champion remains inactive without having scheduled any fights for 2023. The much-awaited bout between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk collapsed earlier this year, leaving boxing enthusiasts disappointed.

    Usyk’s last fight was against Anthony Joshua in their August rematch, which seems like ages ago now. Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the WBC expressed his concern over the stagnation of the heavyweight division and anticipates that a mandatory challenger for Fury will be ordered soon.

    “We need to take some action,” said Sulaiman.”It’s already June, and there is no scenario yet. Tyson Fury has made us proud by showing who our WBC champion is.”

    The WBC had previously ordered Deontay Wilder to fight Andy Ruiz Jr in a final eliminator that would determine the mandatory challenger for their heavyweight title but unfortunately that fight hasn’t happened either.

    “That was announced back in November,” lamented Sulaiman. “We’ve been patiently trying to make it happen while hoping that Fury would agree to fight Usyk instead until talks fell through completely in March; so we have to make some decisions.”

    Who Will Step Up?

    Fury’s continued absence leaves many questions unanswered regarding his next opponent or possible date for his next fight. However, speculation suggests that Anthony Joshua could become a potential contender considering his high rank with the WBC.

    “If Wilder and Ruiz are not fighting for final elimination then Joshua right there at No 3 is possible”, acknowledged Sulaiman . Even though he does not want to speculate irresponsibly ,Sulaiman affirmed that the WBC board of governors will make a decision after following due process.

    Heavyweight Underperformance

    The sport has faced an ongoing problem, particularly in the heavyweight division, with regards to making the biggest fights. Sulaiman is optimistic despite this.

    “Of course there’s concern about underperforming among heavyweights in several bouts, but that’s not anyone’s fault except greed and power,” he said. “So hopefully they will come to their senses and make these fights happen.”

    Fury seems to be a victim of circumstances beyond his control as Sulaiman suggests. However, Fury remains undeterred by these challenges and is willing to fight any opponent who steps up against him.

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