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    12 July 2023

    Key Takeaways from the Celtics-Wizards Matchup in Summer League, Including Two Losses

    The Boston Celtics’ Summer League Struggles Continue Against the Washington Wizards

    In a back-to-back game at the Summer League, the Boston Celtics faced off against the Washington Wizards for their second consecutive matchup. Despite showing some promising moments, the Celtics fell short once again, leaving them searching for answers.

    Zone Defense Experimentation Raises Questions about Regular Season Strategy

    A notable observation from this game was the Celtics’ use of zone defense throughout significant stretches of play. Head coach Tony Dobbins implemented a mix of 2-3 and 1-3-1 zones to disrupt the Wizards’ offense successfully. This strategic decision showcased potential changes that could be seen in future regular season games but leaves us wondering if it will become a fundamental part of their defensive approach.

    Justin Champagnie Shows Promise as an All-Around Player

    Justin Champagnie’s performance in this Summer League game was quite impressive compared to his lackluster display during their previous matchup against Miami Heat. The third-year wing demonstrated his dominance as a rebounder and showcased his scoring ability with ten crucial points scored late in the fourth quarter to narrow down the deficit between both teams. As he finished with double-digit points and rebounds, he proved his potential as a well-rounded player. However, there are still concerns regarding his defensive capabilities that need to be addressed as the season progresses.

    Jay Scrubb: A Scoring Machine Off the Bench

    Jay Scrubb has emerged as an exciting player to watch during the Celtics’ Summer League campaign. With his ability to consistently put up points, he possesses all the traits of a reliable scorer coming off the bench. While it remains uncertain how his scoring prowess will transition against tougher NBA defenses, Scrubb’s performance against the Wizards showcased not only his scoring arsenal but also his capability as a primary ball-handler in pick-and-roll situations. His future in terms of contract guarantees and playing time may hinge on how he handles defensive responsibilities moving forward.

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