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    31 May 2023

    London Irish Given More Time to Finalize Takeover Deal

    London Irish granted one-week extension to complete takeover

    The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has given London Irish a lifeline after granting the team an extra week to conclude their takeover deal. Despite having received only half of their May salaries, club players and staff had asked for more time. The Exiles now have until June 6th at 4pm BST to either finish the acquisition process or present evidence showing they can fund operating costs throughout the entire 2023-24 season.

    Testing Times for London Irish

    If they fail, the team risks suspension from Premiership rugby. The decision came after a meeting of RFU’s Club Financial Viability Working Group on Wednesday evening. Paula Carter, Chair of the group and RFU board member expressed disappointment with how things were transpiring:

    “It is deeply frustrating for all the staff, players and fans that there have been months of multiple missed deadlines. “We are extremely disappointed that the club has so far only funded 50% of the staff and player wages however we have to respect wishes of those most affected.”

    Carter continued saying that it was imperative for London Irish management to fulfill its contractual obligations by paying full salaries owed in May before any final agreement could be reached.

    Final Deadline Looms Large

    June 6th presents an ultimatum – if no agreement is made or funds secured by then, London Irish will face ramifications which may include losing their place in Premiership rugby league.

    The situation raises questions about financial viability within sports clubs during these tough times created by Covid-19 pandemic restrictions as well as what happens when teams find themselves unable to meet payment obligations while trying simultaneously keep operations running smoothly..


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