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    07 June 2023

    Natasha Jonas Shows Support for Inclusivity Hub: “This Place is All About Giving Back”

    A New Era: Inclusive Hub Boxing Project Breaks Barriers and Unites People of Different Abilities

    In the world of boxing, one name that stands out is Natasha Jonas – a woman who has made history as the WBO, WBC, and IBF super-welterweight champion. But today, we are not going to talk about her victories in the ring. Instead, let’s discuss her efforts to support an initiative that breaks barriers and unites people with different abilities through boxing.

    The project in question is called “Inclusive Hub,” which started back in 2016 with a mission to provide exercise and education opportunities for people of all ages and abilities through non-contact boxing sessions. Initially focused on small groups of autistic children, it gradually expanded its reach to include individuals with Down Syndrome, ADHD, amputees, wheelchair users – basically anyone who wants to benefit from this unique approach.

    When asked about her involvement with the project during an interview , Jonas shared why she believes more should be done for communities:

    “It can’t be just boxing anymore. You have to stretch out to the wider community; giving back is exactly what this place is about.”

    Gerard Starkey – director and head coach at Inclusive Hub – created a gym designed specifically so they could meet diverse needs. His son Liam Starkey also coaches there and says their fun-based approach helps keep young people engaged:

    “It’s got to be fun-based in order for us…to engage children…for families”

    What makes Inclusive Hub unique is their focus on the social aspect of boxing. While it’s an individual sport, there are many opportunities to come together and build connections. Natasha Jonas knows this firsthand:

    “Boxing is an individual sport, but people don’t realize there is such a big social aspect of it.”

    The Inclusive Hub Boxing Project serves as a reminder that sports can bring people together – regardless of any perceived limitations or differences. It’s time we embrace new approaches and celebrate what unites us.

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