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    14 June 2023

    Olympic Champion Tori Bowie Passes Away Due to Complications During Delivery According to Autopsy Results.

    Tragic Death of American Track and Field Champion Tori Bowie

    The sports world is mourning the loss of three-time Olympic medalist Tori Bowie. The 32-year-old track and field star passed away on May 2, reportedly due to complications from childbirth.

    Bowie was found deceased in her bed, eight months pregnant and showing signs that she had been in labor. According to the autopsy report released by the Orange County medical examiner’s office, her death was ruled natural with possible complications including respiratory distress and eclampsia.

    Eclampsia is a condition where women with preeclampsia develop seizures or coma – a medical emergency during pregnancy. This highlights how important it is for expectant mothers to receive proper care throughout their pregnancies.

    A Rising Concern: Hypertensive Disorders During Pregnancy

    Preeclampsia symptoms can be fatal if left untreated; they include high blood pressure levels along with protein presence within urine after 20 weeks into pregnancy- according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

    Last year’s data published by CDC showed an increase in hypertensive disorders among US pregnant women, particularly those over age forty or of Black, American Indian or Alaska Native descent who were at higher risk than others groups.

    Champion Legacy

    Tori Bowie will always be remembered as one of America’s top athletes who made history at the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro back in 2016. She won gold medals in both relay races-4x100m and bronze medal for 200 meters sprinting event. At the world championships held a year later following her triumphs on home soil; she also clinched gold in the 100m and relay races.

    The native of Sandhill, Mississippi who was a three-time All-American at the University of Southern Mississippi made her last official appearance on June 2022. Her last appearance on the world stage was in 2019 at the world championships in Doha where she finished fourth in long jump.

    While mourning her death, we celebrate Bowie’s incredible legacy as an athlete whose dedication and hard work inspired many young athletes across America to pursue their dreams. We hope that this tragedy will inspire health care providers to be more vigilant during pregnancy so that expectant mothers receive proper prenatal care- it may just save lives.

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