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    08 February 2024

    Olympic Gold Medalist Ariarne Titmus admits she faces a challenging road to recovery following ovarian surgery, aiming to make a comeback for Paris 2024.

    Ariarne Titmus Opens Up About Recovery and Olympic Defense

    Renowned Australian swimmer, Ariarne Titmus, recently shared her journey of recovery following ovarian surgery and how it may impact her defense of Olympic titles at Paris 2024. The two-time Olympic champion underwent a successful procedure in September to remove two benign tumors from her right ovary. Interestingly, the discovery was made incidentally during an MRI scan for an injured hip.

    Taking a significant step towards returning to competitive swimming after a break since July, Titmus secured second place in the 200m freestyle final at the Queensland state championships held on Sunday.

    “I’m really playing catch-up at the moment, trying to put in as much work as I can, so I’m pretty buggered racing here,” shared an exhausted Titmus with reporters after her impressive performance on Sunday.

    An Emotional Journey:

    In September, via an Instagram post that garnered attention worldwide, Ariarne Titmus revealed her medical struggles and expressed concerns about potential implications on future fertility. Opening up about this personal challenge proved difficult but necessary for the athlete. Referring to unwanted attention while being treated at hospital facilities she said,

    “To have people around you asking for photos in the hospital is quite confronting.”


    Titmus explained that numerous women reached out sharing their similar experiences where they had lost ovaries yet still managed to conceive children successfully. This overwhelming response gave her confidence in initiating these conversations publicly.

    “I have to use my platform not just as a swimmer,” added Titmus, determined to make a difference.

    A Timely Intervention:

    Talking about her surgery, Titmus expressed immense gratitude towards the doctors who identified the issue promptly. According to her, it was “the perfect time” for the procedure as she had just enough time left before the Olympics. In fact, had they discovered the tumors any later, it could have completely derailed her journey.

    Now with several months until July next year when she aims to defend her 200m and 400m freestyle titles in Paris, Ariarne Titmus has ample opportunity to regain competitive form. However, fierce competition awaits as seven-time Olympic champion Katie Ledecky is set to be one of her biggest challengers.

    Despite challenges in her recovery journey post-surgery where a conservative approach was adopted for fear of complications,

    “I probably think I’m actually in a better position now than what I thought I would be,”

    Titmus acknowledged that there is still work ahead but emphasized not wasting any valuable time.

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