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    27 May 2023

    Ongoing Studies on Concussion Diagnosis Using Saliva in Women’s Sports

    Researchers Hope to Revolutionize Concussion Diagnosis with New Saliva Test for Female Athletes

    A groundbreaking new study being conducted at the University of Birmingham hopes to develop a saliva test that can diagnose concussion in female athletes. If successful, this could revolutionize the way we approach and treat head injuries on the field.

    The Need for Improved Head Injury Assessment (HIA)

    Concussions are among the most serious types of sports injuries, especially for female athletes who may not receive adequate support and treatment from coaches or medical personnel. Often, concussive symptoms go unrecognized or untreated, leading to long-term health problems down the line.

    This is why researchers are hoping that this saliva test can be used as an accurate diagnostic tool that will help doctors identify players who need immediate attention after experiencing a head injury during play. It’s quick, non-invasive nature makes it ideal for use on both male and female athletes alike.

    The Groundbreaking Technology Behind This Study

    The research team behind this study is using DNA markers found in saliva samples taken immediately following an impact during a match or game. The results are then analyzed to determine what type of biomarker profiles were present before and after any concussive event – allowing doctors to quickly assess whether there was damage done.

    Making HIAs Accessible To All Players On And Off The Field

    In addition to making diagnosis easier and more accessible than ever before, this technology also has another major advantage: it’s quick and easy enough to be used by non-specialists like coaches and trainers. This means that more players will have access to the vital information they need when it comes to taking care of head injuries on or off the field.

    The Future Of Concussion Diagnosis And Treatment

    With this new technology, doctors hope to be able to diagnose concussions with even greater accuracy than before – leading to better long-term outcomes for athletes who experience these head injuries.

    This study is jointly funded by World Rugby and Marker Diagnostics, a company which specializes in biomarkers. It has already been tested in male elite rugby union players with great success – now, researchers are working hard to see if it can work on female players as well. With ongoing testing in women’s top-flight leagues across England, there’s a real chance that we’ll start seeing some exciting developments soon!


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