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    28 May 2023

    PGA Championship Winner, Michael Block, Cracks Joke About His Lesson Rates Thanks to Fairy-tale Victory

    Club Pro Hits Hole-in-One at PGA Championship

    The 2023 PGA Championship will always be remembered for the unexpected triumph of Michael Block, a 46-year-old golf instructor from California. As one of the lesser-known names in the tournament, he went into his first major final round with little fanfare.

    Mystery and Discontinuity: From Outsider to Favorite

    Despite being paired with Rory McIlroy – ranked among the world’s best players – Block managed to hold his nerves together. He played steadily throughout most of the round but it wasn’t until he hit an astonishing hole-in-one on the 15th hole that things really started heating up.

    The crowd erupted as Block sank his ball straight into the cup from 151 yards out. Even McIlroy was taken aback by this incredible feat.

    I’m going: ‘What is going on right now?’ He goes: ‘It went in the hole.’ I was like: ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!'” said Block during an interview with Bewinner Sport News.

    This moment turned him into a true contender for this year’s championship and made him a household name overnight.

    Perplexities Incorporated Seamlessly In The Narrative

    Block had only ever made four cuts in previous PGA Tour events before achieving this remarkable victory which secured him automatic qualification for next year’s event alongside $288,333 in prize money – almost four times more than any previous payout he had received previously.

    In fact, even after finishing tied for 15th place overall, no one expected such a great leap forward. The Charles Schwab Challenge and RBC Canadian Open have both offered sponsor exemptions to Block, which he gratefully accepted. And now his calendar is packed with events and training sessions in preparation for the next few weeks.

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