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    14 June 2023

    PGA Tour players express feelings of disappointment following collaboration with LIV Golf

    The Shocking Partnership Between PGA Tour and LIV Golf Leaves Players Feeling Betrayed

    The recent announcement of the partnership between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf has caused quite a stir among players, leaving many feeling betrayed. World No. 2 Jon Rahm spoke out about the news, calling it a “bombshell” to him and his colleagues. However, there are still many unanswered questions about this new partnership. As a result, many players feel uncertain about what lies ahead for them in their careers. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan announced that the three entities will be unified under a new commercial entity but didn’t provide much detail on how exactly things would work moving forward. This lack of information has led to confusion and frustration among players who were blindsided by this decision. Some have even questioned whether or not they should continue playing golf at all given these developments. Despite these feelings of uncertainty, Rahm admitted that he wasn’t an expert in business matters. He acknowledged that those involved in making decisions about the partnership may know more than he does and could ultimately make better choices. As for now, it remains unclear what effect this new partnership will have on golf as a whole. The Ryder Cup is just around the corner, which raises questions about eligibility for Liv Golf’s players who want to participate in this year’s event. All in all, this is an unprecedented development that leaves many wondering what comes next for professional golfers everywhere.

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