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    11 June 2023

    Phoenix Mercury Player Brittney Griner and Teammates Reportedly Face Harassment at Dallas Airport

    The WNBA Condemns Harassment of Phoenix Mercury Team at Dallas Airport

    In the latest controversy to hit the Women’s National Basketball Association, Brittney Griner and her team members from Phoenix Mercury were allegedly harassed at Dallas airport by a “social media figure.” The league has condemned these actions as inappropriate and unacceptable.

    According to reports, Brianna Turner tweeted that she and her teammates were “nervously huddled in a corner” because of excessive harassment. People following them with cameras reportedly made wild remarks which left the players feeling uncomfortable.

    This comes after Griner spent ten months in Russian custody for possessing cannabis oil. She was arrested at Moscow airport back in February before being released as part of a high-profile prisoner exchange last December.

    Earlier this year, the Women’s National Basketball Players Association criticized the league for not doing enough to protect its players. They suggested that more proactive measures could have been taken to ensure their safety during travel and games. The WNBA responded by stating that player safety is their top priority, working closely with teams like Phoenix Mercury and BG’s team to provide charter flights for gameplay along with assigned security personnel who traveled with them always.

    The incident happened when Phoenix Mercury arrived in Texas for a match against Dallas Wings which they lost (90-77).

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