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    16 June 2023

    Plymouth Raiders Set to Rejoin National Basketball League After Hiatus

    Revitalized Plymouth Raiders set to return to basketball action

    In a surprising move, former British Basketball League (BBL) team the Plymouth Raiders have announced their return to competitive play after agreeing on a deal with the National Basketball League (NBL). The team is set to participate in the third tier of English basketball and will hold their games at the state-of-the-art Plymouth Life Centre.

    The decision comes after venue issues forced the team out of BBL competition in 2021. They were later replaced by newly-formed outfit, Plymouth City Patriots. However, this latest development provides young players from around Plymouth with an opportunity to showcase their skills on a higher level.

    Raiders’ owner Ross Mackenzie expressed his enthusiasm regarding this new chapter for his club: “This is going to be a reloaded Raiders,” he said. “We’re not necessarily aiming for large crowds; we just want our beloved green-clad Raiders back on court where they belong.”

    The three-year deal between the NBL and Raiders includes an option for extension, which bodes well for both parties involved.

    New Home Court Advantage

    The agreement also marks a positive change of scenery for fans who followed the Mayflower Centre-based club during its glory days from 1983-95. The Life Centre replaces that long-standing facility as home court advantage. This modern arena boasts all requisite facilities expected in today’s sporting venues such as comfortable seating arrangements, concession stands selling delicious snacks and drinks, plus ample parking space.

    Aiming High but Realistically

    Mackenzie has downplayed expectations about attendance figures but remains optimistic about what lies ahead: “Success isn’t measured solely by box office receipts,” he stated confidently when asked about possible future ticket sales numbers. “We are focused on delivering a quality product and developing our young talent. If we can get a few hundred spectators through the doors, that would be fantastic.”

    Basketball fans around Plymouth will certainly be excited about this news, as it provides them with an opportunity to watch high-quality basketball without having to leave their city limits. This marks another positive step forward for English basketball in general.

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