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    01 June 2023

    Previewing the Highly Anticipated 2023 NBA Finals Matchup: Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat – Key Factors to Watch for as History is Made

    The Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat Face Off in an Historic NBA Finals

    In what promises to be a historic clash, the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat are set to face off in a nail-biting NBA Finals. For the first time in their 56-year history, top seeded Western Conference team Denver have made it through to this stage of the competition and are widely regarded as favourites to take the title.

    However, don’t count out Eastern Conference’s eighth seed Miami just yet. Despite almost being eliminated at the outset of play-offs after losing their opening game, they’ve gone on an impressive run and now stand with a chance at creating history themselves by coming away with a championship win.

    Nikola Jokic: The Driving Force Behind Denver’s Success

    Denver has come into its own thanks largely due to Nikola Jokic who was selected by them at #41 overall in the draft back in 2014. Since then he has grown into one of basketball’s most dominant players – so much so that he was named Most Valuable Player two years running (2021-22).

    “He is literally a wizard on court,”

    Said team mate Zeke Nnaji about his incredible skillset. With eyes seemingly on every part of his head, Jokic can see everything happening around him making him incredibly difficult for opponents’ defence strategies.

    Even when facing stronger and more athletic opponents, he has consistently come out on top with his incredible patience and ability to make the right pass at the right time.

    “He just has incredible patience that no-one can rush him,”

    Nnaji added. “He doesn’t have to look at you, he’ll pass it to you right where you need it.”

    Miami’s Jimmy Butler: A Rising Star in His Own Right

    But Miami Heat isn’t one to be underestimated either – their very own Jimmy Butler is a rising star who came into NBA as an unheralded draft prospect after being selected by the Chicago Bulls in 2011.

    Jamie now goes by ‘play-off Jamie’ for his tendency to raise his game during post-season play-offs

    In four years since joining Miami he has led them twice into Finals but unfortunately lost both times (once against LA Lakers)

    The Battle Begins

    The NBA Finals will be held from June 1 to June 18 and promises to be a fierce and thrilling competition between two very evenly matched teams.

    “It’s not Bam against me or anybody against anybody,”

    Said Jokic about the upcoming match, “it’s Denver against Miami.”

    Both sides are expected to bring their A-game with plenty of breathtaking moments on the court as they battle it out to become this year’s champions.

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