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    14 June 2023

    Professional golfer, Berry Henson gears up for his maiden major appearance at the upcoming US Open championship.

    Unlikely Uber Driver Competes in US Open Golf Tournament

    A former Uber driver from Palm Springs, California is set to tee off at the prestigious US Open golf tournament this week. Berry Henson, a journeyman golfer ranked 444th in the world, secured his place by shooting seven-under overall during final stage qualifying.

    The Long Road to Success

    Henson’s success has been hard-won – he turned pro back in 2003 but has played just three PGA Tour events since then. However, his dedication never waned and after stamping his ticket to the US Open with an impressive display of skill and determination, Henson will finally make his dream first career major appearance.

    An Unconventional Path

    What makes Henson’s story all the more astounding is that he only began driving for Uber four years ago when a wrist injury temporarily sidelined him from golf. In need of something to occupy himself while also raising funds for charity work abroad (where he now lives), ferrying passengers around Palm Springs seemed like an ideal solution.

    Despite racking up some 3,000 rides over several years and being rated near-perfectly by passengers (with a rating of 4.99) few knew how good their driver was on the golf course.

    Journey Into The Unknown

    The road ahead may be unknown territory for Henson as he prepares to compete against some of the biggest names in professional golf but one thing is certain: this unassuming Californian will have plenty of support rooting for him every step of the way.

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