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    15 November 2023

    Rachael Burford: Harlequins center signs contract extension for her last season

    Harlequins Secure England World Cup-Winner Rachael Burford for Another Year

    In a surprising turn of events, Harlequins Rugby Club has announced the contract extension of renowned rugby player and England World Cup-winner Rachael Burford. The 37-year-old center, hailing from Kent, has been an integral part of the west London club since her arrival in 2017 after playing for Aylesford Bulls.

    Burford’s invaluable contribution to Harlequins was exemplified by her captaincy during their triumphant Premier 15s title win in 2021. In a sensational final against Saracens, Harlequins emerged victorious with a scoreline of 25-17.

    “I am truly passionate about what our club can achieve both on and off the pitch,” expressed Burford enthusiastically when asked about extending her contract. “This additional year holds immense significance for me as it marks my final season alongside this remarkable team.”

    Rachael Burford made her debut appearance for England back in 2006 and went on to earn an impressive tally of 84 international caps. One notable highlight includes her participation in the historic World Cup victory against Canada in 2014.


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