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    26 February 2024

    RB dismisses relocating Faenza F1 factory despite new Milton Keynes site

    The Red Bull F1 Programme Revamp: A Shift in Strategy

    Red Bull Racing’s transformation within the F1 landscape has sparked intrigue and speculation, marked by a departure from its AlphaTauri branding and an infusion of fresh leadership with Laurent Mekies and Peter Bayer at the helm.

    There have been murmurs within the paddock regarding Red Bull’s deepening ties with sister team RB, leading to conjecture about potentially relocating operations from Faenza to the UK. The catalyst for this chatter stemmed from McLaren CEO Zak Brown’s apprehensions voiced during his team’s livery launch earlier this year.

    Brown expressed concerns over the partnership between Red Bull and RB, suggesting that AlphaTauri could be making a move across borders to benefit both entities. This proposed shift raised questions about fairness and integrity in the sport.

    However, dispelling these rumors, RB Team Principal Mekies clarified that while there are plans to transfer some staff from their Bicester aero facility to Milton Keynes in the UK, Faenza will continue as their headquarters. He emphasized confidence in Faenza’s infrastructure as a solid foundation for future growth.


    Mekies highlighted shortcomings at Bicester due to historical constraints on space but assured that a state-of-the-art headquarters is under construction in Milton Keynes. This strategic decision aims not only at modernizing facilities but also enhancing operational efficiency. We have exciting opportunities ahead… Mekies underscored how having dual locations offers flexibility in attracting talent unwilling to relocate abroad. By leveraging technology and evolving mindsets, RB is striving to turn this organizational duality into an advantage amidst changing times in Formula 1.

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