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    31 May 2023

    Reflecting on the Top Highlights of Rugby Union in the 2022-23 Season and Previewing the Upcoming World Cup

    Rugby Season 2022-23: A Year of Upsets and Uncertainty

    As the Premier 15s prepares for a nail-biting finale on June 24, let’s take a moment to reflect on the Rugby Union season that was. From big-name coaches departing and returning to retirements, record crowds, epic finals, and the heartbreaking demise of two historic clubs – this year had it all.

    The Good:

    There were plenty of moments to savor in this year’s Rugby Union season. Newcastle winger Matteo Carreras’ solo tries left spectators breathless while Owen Farrell’s drop-goal against Gloucester will be talked about for years to come. The France-Ireland Six Nations game was an instant classic with Duhan van der Merwe’s try against England also gaining praise.

    The Women’s World Cup final between New Zealand Black Ferns and Red Roses was one such special event that fans won’t forget anytime soon. Additionally, two other events have made their mark – a thrilling Champions Cup final where La Rochelle emerged victorious against all odds by coming back from behind; and finally an impressive display by Red Roses as they entertained over sixty thousand people at Twickenham Stadium.

    The Bad:

    This season saw some unexpected departures from coaching roles which added up extra confusion among teams’ performance on-field further leading them towards disappointment.The most significant disappointment came when two famous rugby clubs went under administration due to financial difficulties which eventually led them down through relegation.This could lead us into questioning whether professional rugby needs re-evaluation or not?

    Predictions for the Next Big Thing:

    With many exciting options available for Rugby enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting what is next, let us speculate on possible outcomes. Warren Gatland’s comeback to Wales was a surprise and risky move that could go either way. It remains to be seen if he can replicate his success from earlier times.

    According to statistics, South Africa is the team to beat in upcoming events due their significant progress over the last year. However, for the first time ever, New Zealand are entering a World Cup as underdogs which makes them more dangerous than ever before! Although Ireland may not have been performing remarkably well lately but still they cannot be entirely dismissed as they are sure to come back with something different this season.

    The Way Forward:

    Rugby Union continues delivering great games on-field; however, there is always room for improvement off-field too. The game needs better management and financial regulations so that clubs like Leicester Tigers can spend based upon what they earn rather than just sticking with salary caps set by other teams or leagues altogether

    Overall, Rugby Union season of 2022-23 has had its ups-and-downs; it has given fans plenty of excitement while keeping them entertained throughout different matches played during this period.

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