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    16 June 2023

    Rickie Fowler’s Childhood Prediction Comes True at the US Open as he Plays with Golfer Who Once Impersonated Him on Halloween

    A Prophecy Fulfilled: Rickie Fowler Plays Practice Round With Young Fan At The US Open

    In a story that could only be described as fate, Rickie Fowler has fulfilled a promise he made to young Michael Brennan back in 2012. Fowler had promised the then-kid that they would play together for a practice round at the US Open in the year 2025. However, destiny had other plans.

    Eleven years later, two years ahead of schedule, not only did they meet again but they also played together for their promised practice round on Tuesday at the Los Angeles Country Club venue. It was like everything had come full circle.

    A Childhood Dream Comes True

    Brennan is now all grown up and making his major championship debut among some of golf’s biggest stars in California. But back when he was just eight years old and dressed head-to-toe in orange attire for Halloween having idolized Rickie Fowler since forever.

    “I loved Rickie,” Brennan told PGA Tour after sharing an image of him dressed as the golfer online. “I looked up to him so much I wanted to get out here and play with him.”

    The Promise That Came To Life

    Fowler signed his costume photo with an inspiring message: “To Mike – look forward to playing a practice round with you at the U.S. Open!! Keep up good work!!”

    The message stuck deep within Michael’s heart over time and continued driving him towards his dream relentlessly until it came true this year – much earlier than expected! The Wake Forest University junior had made it to the major championship after a sudden-death final qualifying playoff in Rockville.

    And, as promised, Fowler invited Brennan to play with him for their practice round at the Los Angeles Country Club venue.

    The Match Of A Lifetime

    Brennan’s childhood dream became even more surreal when he was paired up with his idol and Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth in a match that would go down in history. It was an unforgettable experience playing alongside golf’s biggest names, but what happened next was even sweeter: Brennan sunk a closing birdie shot that clinched victory for his team.

    “Pretty cool,” Brennan said later. “I don’t know how else to describe it.”

    Fowler Reflects On His Promise Fulfilled

    Fowler couldn’t help but feel emotional about seeing someone who looked up to him now pass him by on such an incredible journey. It’s these moments of inspiration that make everything worth it.

    “That’s really what it’s all about – being in a position to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” Fowler stated. “To have the following and fans I’ve had over the past 14 years is awesome. To see someone like Michael playing at the U.S Open is really cool.”

    A Spectacular Debut

    Brennan started out strong during his debut despite some initial nerves, serving up one of the tournament’s most impressive shots just three holes into his first round: hitting an amazing flop shot from deep rough beside the green which arced away from flag before landing uphill and rolling back downhill straight into cup for birdie!

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