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    30 May 2023

    Saracens Captain Owen Farrell Confident in Team’s Ability to Reach New Heights

    A Young Team With Big Dreams

    Saracens captain Owen Farrell has high hopes for his team after their latest win at the Twickenham Stadium. Despite facing a fierce fight from Sale, who managed to keep the score close throughout much of the match, Sarries ultimately emerged victorious with a final score of 35-25. For Farrell and his teammates, this victory is more than just another title added to their trophy collection. It’s an opportunity to raise their ambitions even higher and strive towards new goals in the future. “There’s a feeling of wanting to get the best out of ourselves and that will carry on for a long time now.” said Farrell This young team have proven themselves worthy champions by reaching seven premiership finals in ten years. The way they’ve played all season shows how much potential they have, as well as how much further they can go if they continue pushing themselves.

    Owen Farrell: More Than Just A Captain

    Saracen’s director of rugby Mark McCall recognizes how crucial Owen Farrell has been to their success this year. Not only did he lead them on-field as captain but also off-field where he set high standards both emotionally and physically for his fellow players. McCall believes that Farell is playing some “of his best rugby” right now; no small feat given that he already had five titles under his belt before winning this one. Farrell himself acknowledges that it isn’t just about individual achievements but rather playing together cohesively as a team, “There wasn’t any redemption today for last year, it was what we’ve been doing all season and the difference that we made at the start of the year,” he said. “It still feels like there’s a lot for this young team now still to go.”

    The Power of Emerging Talent

    Saracens have always had a reputation for nurturing young talent in their ranks, as evidenced by Theo Dan’s impressive performance off the bench after replacing Jamie George due to injury. McCall praised these emerging players who played key roles in this latest victory, noting how they were guided around by “unbelievable senior players.” With many younger faces making up significant portions of Sarries’ squad, one can only imagine how far they’ll go in future seasons with both experienced and fresh talent working together. In summary, Saracen’s win marks not just another title added to their list but also an opportunity for them to raise their ambitions even higher. Owen Farrell’s leadership has been paramount throughout this journey while emerging talents such as Theo Dan have proven instrumental during crucial moments on-field.

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