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    14 June 2023

    Shooting for Success: Empowering Great Britain’s Women’s Basketball Team through Increased Funding

    Great Britain Women’s Basketball Team Needs More Funding to Compete at the Highest Level

    The Great Britain women’s basketball team captain, Temi Fagbenle, has expressed her desire for more funding for the team. In an interview, she said that if GB women had similar backing to other nations who have been successful in the past, they could do “much more” and pose a significant threat in the future. Currently ranked 20th in the world, Great Britain begins its EuroBasket campaign on Thursday against co-hosts Slovenia. The tournament features five Olympic qualifying spots on offer this year. Despite reaching the semi-finals of EuroBasket 2019 and having Fagbenle as the leading points scorer of that tournament, Great Britain failed to qualify for last year’s edition. However, Fagbenle believes that with better funding and support from governing bodies like UK Sport or British Basketball Federation (BBF), GB women can be competing at top level just like other teams around the world who are successful. Chris Grant recently sent an open letter criticising BBF’s lack of funding despite basketball being “the second most-played team sport in Britain.” He highlighted sailing and shooting receiving £22.7m and £6.2m respectively from UK Sport during Paris Olympics cycle but only £1.35m committed for basketball. A spokesperson for UK Sport clarified that this amount is meant to help secure basketball’s “long-term financial sustainability” by providing immediate support to GB Women’s EuroBasket campaign while allowing BBF to appoint new staff and build/grow their organisation. Although frustrated with current circumstances surrounding international competition preparation within limited resources available under current system – hence not quitting without fight – Temi hopes people will realise potential future success which lies ahead given proper investment into programs such as hers where talent exists aplenty among young aspiring athletes eager enough participate competitively despite limited resources available at present time. In conclusion, the Great Britain women’s basketball team needs more funding to compete at the highest level of international competition and pose a significant threat in future tournaments. With better support from governing bodies like UK Sport or BBF, GB women have the potential to be competing amongst top teams around the world who are successful thanks in part due their increased backing, structure and ability for multiple training opportunities throughout year – just like their competitors currently enjoy now!

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