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    27 February 2024

    Terence Crawford becomes a free agent as Errol Spence rematch clause lapses

    Unexpected Developments in the Boxing World

    Today brought surprising news for PBC fans as reports emerged about major shifts in the boxing scene. Following Canelo Alvarez’s departure from his promotional team, another bombshell hit with ESPN’s Mike Coppinger revealing that Terence Crawford is now a free agent. The anticipated rematch between Crawford and Spence seems to have hit a roadblock despite initial talks after Crawford’s victory last year.

    The delay in finalizing the rematch has left Crawford without any contractual obligations, paving the way for him to explore new opportunities independently of promoters or networks. Speculations are rife about Crawford potentially moving up to 154 lbs, opening up exciting possibilities for future matchups.

    Crawford’s Uncharted Path Ahead

    Crawford had expressed interest in facing off against Canelo, but the latter seemed hesitant due to perceived lack of benefits from such a bout. With newfound freedom, it remains unclear which direction Crawford will take next. His ambitions and skill set make him an intriguing figure in the sport, leaving fans and experts alike guessing what his next move might be.

    As boxing enthusiasts eagerly await Crawford’s decision on his next opponent and weight class choice, one thing is certain – unpredictability reigns supreme in this dynamic world where alliances shift and opportunities abound.

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