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    19 May 2023

    The exclusion of Wasps from the Premiership Rugby Championship is a sorrowful situation for rugby in England, according to the CEO of Jersey Reds.

    Wasps’ Exclusion from the Championship a Blow to English Rugby

    The announcement of Wasps’ exclusion from the Championship next season has created a sense of puzzlement and discontinuity for rugby enthusiasts. The champions Jersey Reds Director of Rugby, Harvey Biljon expressed his sadness about the news.

    With their recent entry into administration, Wasps missed an important deadline which would have made them eligible to participate in the second tier league. Consequently, they will be starting at the bottom of the league system.

    Biljon shared his disappointment about Wasps not being part of the league: “I was getting quite excited about having a rugby institution like Wasps in the championship.” He went on further to say that it is sad for English rugby as ‘Wasps are one of England’s major clubs.’

    This decision means that two-time European champions could end up in either North or South division of Counties four Midlands West League’s tenth tier division.

    Frustration over Landscape and Growth Opportunities in Rugby


    The current situation has left many people frustrated around what landscape rugby looks like today especially when teams are not given enough opportunities to grow with the game.” said Biljon

    Biljon also spoke out against restricting growth opportunities: “When there’s anything positive going on in this game you’re not allowed to take advantage because some rules don’t allow you,” he emphasized adding that even Jersey Reds had won The Championship; they would still not be promoted due to minimum stadium standards imposed by Premiership regulations.

    Promoting Excitement Around Jersey Red with Drive & Support Backing

    Biljon believes there is an opportunity to generate real excitement around Jersey Reds and get some support and backing that would drive the game forward.

    He mentioned his frustration with how things were evolving in rugby today: “We’ve just won The Championship; we’ve seen chaos going on in Premiership, but there’s an opportunity to generate some real excitement around Jersey Reds.” Biljon added that it would be great for both the team as well as rugby enthusiasts if they could garner enough support which would eventually help grow their club.


    The exclusion of Wasps from the Championship next season has left rugby enthusiasts feeling puzzled over what the future holds for English Rugby.

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