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    15 June 2023

    The Rematch Standoff: Joshua vs. Whyte – A Clash of Titans in Limbo

    The Joshua-Whyte Rematch: Negotiations in Question

    There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the potential rematch between Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua, but negotiations seem to be at a standstill. In fact, Whyte himself has questioned whether Joshua is serious about the fight.

    A Burning Rivalry Re-Ignited?

    These two have quite the history together, with their rivalry stretching back to their amateur days. Both fighters were hoping to finalize plans for a professional rematch soon, but things don’t seem to be progressing very well on that front.

    Talks previously fell through for a Wembley Stadium rematch back in 2019 when Joshua opted instead for his US debut and suffered defeat against Andy Ruiz Jr.

    No Communication, No Progress

    In an interview , Whyte expressed frustration over the lack of communication from Team Joshua:

    “It’s a big fight, it’s eight weeks away and there’s no communication, nothing,” Whyte told . “Just nothing. Nothing at all. They’re just wasting time messing about.”

    Clearly frustrated by the delay in proceedings he continued:

    “It just doesn’t seem real. They’re trying to put me in the same position they did a few years ago, saying: ‘Oh, we’re trying to make the Joshua fight.’

    Whyte feels that negotiations are not being taken seriously and that he is being left in the dark:

    “These big fights take time. There’s lots of things that go on, there’s lots of small print, and this team wants that and that team wants this. There’s a lot of things that go on. It takes a long time to make these big fights.”

    The Score Stands at 1-1

    Despite his frustrations with Joshua’s camp, Whyte still hopes for an opportunity to settle their score once and for all:

    “This is heavyweight boxing; stranger things have happened,” said Whyte. “Obviously I will still train and try to stay focused and ready in case it happens because I’ve been up for fighting Joshua since the day I lost to him in 2015.

    The Brixton fighter believes he has what it takes to come out on top against his rival:

    “The score stands at 1-1 so far. He’s won one; I beat him in the amateurs; he beat me in the pros so I want to get even.”

    If given another chance against Anthony Joshua whytte would love nothing more than avenging his defeat stating,

    “I’ll just go to war. I want to go to war because I think that’s a good way to fight him, pressure him, back him up and start getting him on the backfoot as early as possible and I’m strong enough; I’m big enough to do that. I carry enough power obviously to back him up and knock him out.”

    Is Joshua Focused Elsewhere?

    Despite Whyte’s determination for a rematch, he believes Anthony Joshua may have one eye on another fight:

    “I don’t think they’re serious about the fight [with me]. They’re worrying about the fight, and I don’t blame them. If he’s going to get £50m [$69m]to fight Wilder in Saudi in December it just baffles me.
    “Why would they take a chance fighting me? It doesn’t make sense so I’m not surprised, to be honest,” said Whyte.

    Pull Up Your Socks!

    Whyte has called upon Team Joshua/Hearn for more realistic offers:

    “Eddie [Hearn] and Joshua and his team need to pull their socks up and come with some realistic offers. You wouldn’t start at something that you know is below acceptable.

    The future of this heavyweight rematch remains uncertain but boxing fans worldwide will be eagerly awaiting any updates from both camps over the coming weeks.

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