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    14 July 2023

    The Summer League Game #3: Boston Celtics (0-2) facing off against Los Angeles Lakers (2-0) on 7/12/23

    Boston Celtics (0-2) vs Los Angeles Lakers (2-0)

    In a highly anticipated matchup, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are set to face off in their third game of the Summer League season. Both teams come into this game with different records, as the Celtics have yet to secure a win while the Lakers remain undefeated.

    The last time these two teams played was on Sunday when they both suffered losses. The Lakers, who finished 8th in the West last season, made an impressive run to the Western Conference Finals but ultimately fell short against the Nuggets. In their first two Summer League games, they defeated the Hornets 93-75 and edged out a win against the Warriors with a score of 103-96. However, things didn’t go well for them in the California Classic Summer League where they lost both games.

    On the other side of court coach Tony Dobbins will be leading his young squad for Boston. Dobbins has been with the organization since 2020 and has served under various head coaches including Brad Stevens and Ime Udoka. His main focus during this summer league is evaluating talent rather than winning games.

    J.D. DuBois assumes coaching duties for tonight’s game leading an energetic group of young talents for LA including Delano Banton who may make his return from injury tonight despite not being listed on their official roster.

    Players to Watch:

    • Jordan Walsh: The Celtics’ 38th pick in the 2023 draft has shown great promise with his ability to defend multiple positions. Standing at 6’7″ with a wingspan of 7’3″, Walsh brings versatility and hard work to the court. He recently signed a multi-year contract worth $7.6 million and has had strong performances in the Summer League so far.
    • Justin Champagnie: Undrafted in the 2021 draft, Champagnie impressed enough to earn a two-way contract with the Raptors before joining the Celtics this year. He has displayed excellent rebounding skills along with scoring ability, making him an exciting player to watch.
    • Jay Scrubb: Originally selected by Brooklyn Nets in 2020, Scrubb is looking for opportunities to showcase his talent on the Lakers roster. Being known for his athleticism and versatility, he could be one of their surprise contributors during this game.

    The starting lineup for both teams may change as coaches experiment with different combinations and evaluate players throughout Summer League games. While winning is always a nice outcome, these matches serve primarily as platforms for young talents to prove themselves and potentially secure spots on NBA rosters.


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